Paul Klemann CV

C.V. Paul Klemann, Works and lives in Tiel, (Netherlands)

1960 Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands
1993 First Price, Prix de Rome, Amsterdam

Selection of exhibitions:

  • 1989 Paul Klemann, Rabobank, Utrecht
  • 1993 Prix the Rome, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
  • 1994Dreamdrawings, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
  • 1995 Orientsi /Orientase, National Gallery, Djakarta
  • 1996 Dreamdrawings, Wolseley Fine Arts, Londen.
  • 1997 The weddingreport, Centraal Museum. Utrecht
  • 1998 El Nino, Stadliches Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach
  • 2000 The soulcollector Fries Museum, The Soulcollector, Leeuwarden
  • 2003 Holy Nights and plaques from heaven, Museum voor Religous art, Uden
  • 2004 A collection of dicks, Galery De Praktijk, Amsterdam
  • 2004 Superrealistic, Centraal museum, Utrecht
  • 2006 Dreamdrawings, Teylers Museum, Haarlem
  • 2007 Contour, Het Prinsenhof, Delft
  • 2006 The Italian seduction, Museum the Valkhof, Nijmegen
  • 2009 The clipped Matisse tree, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss
  • 2010 Dr Faustus, W139, Amsterdam
  • 2011. Into drawing, Schiedams Museum, Schiedam
  • 2013 Drawingfestival, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam
  • 2013 Black sunlight, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem

You can find more detailed information and images on his website:

Video of Paul kleamnn:

Is also represented by: Gallery Witteveen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About the work of Paul Klemann

Since 1984 Klemann has been succesfully recording his dreams in visual and verbal notes and elaborating them in his art.

Their realization is as fluid as the experience must have been, and seductive to the viewer.

One can get lost in these worlds of mixed times and jostled surroundings. The denseness of the imagery suggest that he is very inventive in his dreams .

The power of his art lies in his ability and skills to commit a dream to paper.

The added value lies in the unmistakable autonomous quality of the images. Klemann never loses himself in exaggerated detail, but it is obvious that deatils are essential to his work.

Everything can be connected with everything else in the picture, and the viewer’s attention is constantly stimulated in the dreamdrawings.

Somehow you can say that a magic touch of excistence becomes manifest in the images.

His work radiates contemplation and unites a strange mix of past, present and future.

Imaginative pictures

With his style Klemann touches a number of chords in his vieuwers- fantasy, emotionality, recognition and free associoation.

His imaginative pictures full of figures and objects with curious touches testify to his paradoxical attitude towards both romanticism and to the work scientifically.

The same is true of the titles of his Works, for example;

  • “Hallucinating wallpaper pattern with a herd of deer”.
  • “Empty wrist-watch with rotating glass plates”.
  • “Modernised gaschambers.”
  • ”Sigmund Freud tries to heal the injured foot with an opiumpipe”.
  • And “Christ did not arise from death after three days but reincarnated after six hours in a white cow”.

In 1993 Paul Klemann won for his dreamdrawings , The Prix de Rome . This is the most prestigious prize for a young artist in the Netherlands.

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