Art is a Mind Viewer

Peter Geerts

By Martin J. Berggreen

 In order to understand art, we must also understand our history, heritage, background, and even the society we are livening in today. Paintings, wall decorations, and sculptures are surrounding us every day, and they have to be observed and watched for later acceptance. Throughout ancient history, from the old cave paintings to the most modern abstract, provocative paintings, human beings have achieved many new impressions by art and artists.

Before we meet a person, or a masterpiece of art, we have already our own opinion of what is right or wrong. If a person likes a red car, he has a tendency just to notice particularly red cars. If a person has a strong belief in his own traditions, the person can only follow this road which will only lead on to similar issues. However, by knowing his strength is also his weakness, he can try to be open to a new path of consciousness and learn that an artist is telling his very special story through a drawing or a painting. Following this thought, even if a person doesn`t sympathize with it or even if it takes borders to cross, the artist can still enrich his life. Sometimes art can be like cerebral gymnastics or a puzzle.

Naturally we feel very confident by others` expressions and acceptance, and we often just follow the crowd, and trendsetters or what`s just in fashion. That`s the most easy way and doesn`t give us further complications to make up our own choice. Do we dare to make our own choice?  question mark issues?  Are we open-minded enough to go against the general opinion and taste when it comes to new art?

The funny thing about it is that the art we can`t adjust to or adapt right away is even closer to us than we really know. Do we bother or allow ourselves to open up for a different mind, way of life, performance, or attitude?  

We often find the terms of "isms" in art, explanations of changes and upheavals. Without the art and the artists behind their works, we would never have had such progress in our history and society today. The artist has always been the door-opener for the world, ahead of our society and development. Nevertheless, we sometimes overlook this fact and deselect new opportunities and tolerances in our mind, tools we actually can use and gain in our communication with other people.

Wonderful paintings, drawings or other art forms can simply open up our minds for a brighter world and for us to become more flexible, more visible, changing our ways of thinking with better understanding and even more awareness of who we are addressing, who the sender is in society. Paintings, drawings, and decorations are very important parts of our environment today.

A unique, colorful painting or drawing can make a certain home pleasant and personal. An office with paintings has a very positive impact on employees. To find, to choose your own painting/drawing nobody else has, to build your own image, to create your own opinion -  these are the actions that create your certain style and taste. Paintings/drawings make a remarkable You. They also tell other people about yourself, your personality, and your lifestyle.