Martin John Berggreen (born 21 June 1965) is a Danish businessman, art dealer and art collector

Early Life

Born in Rungsted Kyst, Fredensborg county, baptized in Rungsted Chruch, Rungsted parish, his parents got divorced in 1974 and Martin moved with his father to Mølholm, Vejle County when he was 12 years old, where he finished lower secondary education 10th. grade at Mølholm School in 1982, as well as class president 1981-1982, language study in Brighton, England in 1978. From 1982-1983 he attended Tomah Senior High School, Monroe County, Wisconsin, U.S.A., where he received Academic Diploma. His father started collecting art in 1963 and opened a gallery in Vejle City in 1977 named Berggreen Art Gallery, which started his interest for art . 

Early Career

Returning from America, he attended Vejle business school, and got his bookseller`s apprenticeship in 1986 in Vejle City. His first job position 1986-1989 was at A.C. Illum A/S in Copenhagen as an office assistant issuing credit cards (Konto-Service) later he worked for different companies, Office Leader at Dagligvare Gruppen K/S (FDB) 1989-1990, H.P. Værktøj A/S 1990-1993, selling wooden toys and bird feeders 1994-1997 form Finland through his own company Martin Berggreen af 1994, sales consultant 1996-2000 at M. Wilhelmsen A/S in Vejle, district manager at V. Burcharth & Søn A/S 2000-2004 in Odense before he started his own cleaning company Opal-Service v/Martin J. Berggreen in 2003.

Other activities

Writing for the "Arrowhead," the column "The Great Dane," 1982-1983 published by the journalism department of Tomah Senior High School, Wisconsin, U.S.A., Co-founder of Leo Club (Lions Club) in Vejle City 1984-1987, contributor to the book  "Breve fra en bogelsker," Rosenkilde og Bagger, Copenhagen 1985, Co-editor of "Anna`s Dairy," Nansensgade Antikvariat, Copenhagen 1987, board member of Berggreen Holding A/S 1988-1993, member of Police home guard in Vejle City 1988-1995, military first aid and basic leadership diploma in 1992, member of Vejle Civil Defense 1992-1993, member of Koldinghus Business Club ApS 2007-2009, caretaker at K/S Fredericia-Vesterballevej 2010-2015, art dealer Galerie Berggreen from 2011, member of Fredericia Art Association 2013-2014, gallery booklet "Galerie Hæftet 1-14," Skanse Tryk ApS, 2014, member of the local chruch art exhibition committee from 2016, and from 2017 caretaker of Fugsang Allé No. 2 in Fredericia.

Personal life

In 1980 Martin bought his first lithographic artwork by Bram Van Velde. He gets adopted by Elin as his biological mother was an alcoholic that contributed to her early death in 1994, traditionally Martin inherited his mother`s left hand initial pinky ring (1) Martin`s grandfather Lars Sørensen on his mother`s side dies in California, U.S.A. in 1985. He was consulting engineer (Lars K. Sorensen Inc.) in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Martin was engaged with Lene in Denmark for ten years, and has two sons born in 1993 and 1994. His father Søren Berggreen (Søren Berggreen & Co.A/S) dies in 2012. Martin is a former golf player and lives today in Fredericia City.


​Martin Berggreen`s  father was Lutheran and his mother was Roman Catohlic. In 1982 till 1984 Martin joined the First Congregation United Chruch of Christ in Tomah, Wisconsin, U.S.A. He is today a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.​

Martin J. Berggreen`s signet ring from 1957 initials of Jytte B. Berggreen b. 1937

(1) Most popular in England, France and America, along with the tradition to wear a signet ring handed down to next generation, such as president Franklin D. Roosevelt was the third generation to wore the signet ring